Far Away From Home

“Far Away from Home”

evdenuzaktaTurkey-Germany 2003 / 29’/ DV

Turkish-Kurdish/ English Subtitle

Director: Güliz Sağlam
Executive Producer: Frank Massholder
Director of Photography: Frank Massholder
Music: ‘Welat’ Gewheri
Script: Güliz Sağlam
Editing: Martin Pfahl


  • Festival de Cinema Douarnenez – France 2003
  • 7. Int. 1001 Documentary Film Festival – Turkey 2004
  • 2. Filmmor Women’s Films Festival – Turkey 2004
  • Doc2 Int. Human Rights Film Festival – Scotland 2004


The story of people who had to migrate to Istanbul from Mardin. Most of them live in Tarlabaşı and earn a living by making and selling stuffed mussels. The film reveals their struggles and yearnings and listens as they unburden their hearts…

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