The Zone


“The Zone”


40 min.

Turkey, 2010


Turkish, English subtitles

Directors: Güliz Sağlam – Feryal Saygılıgil
Camera: Güliz Sağlam
Editing: Güliz Sağlam, Feryal Saygılıgil
Music: Olcayto Art
Producers: Güliz Sağlam – Feryal Saygılıgil


  • Globale 2011 Berlin
  • 1st Fîlmamed Diyarbakır Documentary Days, Turkey, May 2011
  • 9th International Filmmor Women’s Film Festival, Turkey, March 2011
  • 7th IAWRT Asian Women Film Festival, India, March 2011
  • 7th Canadian Labour International Film Festival, November 2010
  • 47th International Golden Orange Film Festival, Turkey, 2010
  • 4th Istanbul International Architecture and Urban Film Festival, Turkey, 2010
  • 3rd Women’s Film Festival, Brussels, 2010
  • LaborFest “FilmWorks United” San Francisco Film Festival, US, July 2010
  • 3rd Documentarist Istanbul Documentary Days, Turkey, June 2010
  • 5th International Workers’ Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey, May 2010
  • 29th International Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey, April 2010


Seven workers, all women… Four free trade zones in four different Turkish cities. Surrounded by high walls, barbed wire fences, very much like a concentration camp. This documentary covers the working conditions of women in the free trade zones, their experiences, observations and their hopes for the future. The barbed wire fences not only surround the zones but also accentuate the captivity of women, of women workers. So much so that the borders of the zone evade us, inside and outside is indistinguishable.